Is Microsoft trying to get people scammed? New Outlook is insideous.

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The new outlook was forced on me a couple of days ago.  I've got some decent gripes with it but the biggest issue I have is it seems to be funneling less astute users to getting scammed.

The first issue is the ads.  Each account has an AD at the top of the list of messages that could easily be mistaken as an email.  I originally felt I was okay ignoring them - it's just part of the deal.  But, the ad I saw and clicked on today was 100% a scam site and preys on people that are susceptible to fraudulent endorsements of famous people.  In this case it was Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister) endorsing a way to get thousands of tax dollars back.  It is the same template I've seen with other notable names (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, etc...).  Here is the link for those who may be sceptical.  It is 100% bs:

Secondly, hovering over hyperlinks in the new outlook doesn't display the actual URL anymore.  It is the #1 thing I ALWAYS do when I see an email mentioning a bank transaction, package delivery, or anything that might seem relevant.  

What on earth are these people thinking!




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