Is it me or is Outlook 365 Buggy?

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NEW TO OUTLOOK after not using it for many years....


I am using Office 365 that came with my One Cloud Subscription.


I am just wondering if anyone has had any of these problems and I am wondering if there's a fix out there to make this stop happening?


* When dragging a email to my "man made" archive folder, the folders blink / jump? ( This was before I found the archive button on the ribbon and clicked on it and told it my archive folder can be found here, it's a folder named " ARCHIVE IN" move all archived emails to it.


* When hitting the ARCHIVE button on the toolbar, Outlook archives the read email but moved the unread email to the trash can?


*Favorite folders keeps coming up empty after I've right clicked on each folder and told OL to make it a fav folder?



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