Introducing Meeting polls in Outlook!


Announcing FindTime as a native feature in Outlook!

We are excited to introduce Meeting polls--bringing the capabilities of FindTime as a native feature in Outlook. Some of you may have already been using Meeting polls through an add-in called FindTime, which can be downloaded through the add-in store. In the next few months, Meeting polls will be available to all Outlook users starting with Outlook on the web, and over time to Outlook for Windows and the new Outlook for Mac. For more information on this announcement on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, view the roadmap item here.


What’s the same

As we bring Meeting polls directly to Outlook, users can expect to have a similar set of features and workflow as the existing FindTime add-in.


What’s different

Meeting polls uses the same modern design and framework we use in the updated Outlook on the web and the new Outlook for Windows, making it easier to maintain and enhance for the future. 


What will happen to the FindTime add-in?


As Meeting polls rolls out and reaches your environment, it will replace the FindTime add-in. Going forward, all new features and bug fixes will apply to Meeting polls and not the existing FindTime add-in.


When will these changes occur?


Meeting polls will be generally available as a native part of Outlook on the web beginning in August 2022. In early 2023, meeting polls will be generally available for the new Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows desktop clients.”


What will happen to my current user experience?


When your tenant gets the update, the native feature will be added to their Outlook ribbon replacing FindTime. Users do not need to do anything, this change will happen automatically, and users will be able to keep creating meting polls as easily as before.  


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Hi @Sally_Richardson,


Thank you for this update. I was not aware of the FindTime app.  So, I installed the app knowing Microsoft will be replacing it with Meeting Poll in a couple of weeks. 


While using the app, I came across several bugs and limitations which led me to review the Feedback portal.  QUESTION: Can you confirm if Microsoft has fixed the issues and addressed the user’s feedback before the rollout in August?


I was prepared to give users a Preview Demonstration video of the product but decided to wait. 


FindTime Current Issues/Limitations

  • The Hold dates were not removed from the calendar once the meeting date is scheduled.
  • If the organizer deletes the Hold dates from the calendar instead of the Meeting Poll Email, the Hold dates remain on the invitees’ calendar with no way to delete them.
  • I found it confusing to use Outlook to populate the Meeting Title and Attendees since the remaining fields are not needed. I actually sent Outlook’s calendar event with the wrong details before having an ah-ha moment.
  • Delegates can not vote on behalf of another person

On a positive note, here is what I like about the feature.

  • Provides more duration times vs. the suggested times in Outlook
  • Better functionality than Outlook’s Classic Scheduling Assistant
  • Ability to easily select multiple dates and times
  • The email and Poll View were concise and easy to follow
  • The Send Vote Reminder option is a nice add

Overall, the FindTime/Meeting Poll has great potential. It will save meeting organizers 15 to 30 minutes with coordinating meetings.


Again, thanks for sharing.


Teresa #traccreations4e