Internet calendar does not sync

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 I have outlook 365 installed on my laptop in which I have multiple email accounts configured. Some of these emails are O365 based official email ids which others are Gmail email ids.

I have subscribed google calendar in outlook as per the instructions given in See your Google Calendar in Outlook (


However, the google calendar does not synchronize or at best is erratic. No amount of refresh and outlook restart helps to synchronize gmail calendar with other devices.

I observed that the issue is coming in following scenarios: 

1. When I add an appointment in gmail calender on outlook, which never shows up in my phone. Often, these entries disappear entirely from outlook calendar. 

2. When I add an appointment on phone, sometimes it shows up on outlook but later it disappears. 


I even tried replacing htts:// with webcal:// while adding internet calendar, but it did not solve the issue. 


Any solutions? 



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