Intelligent Quick Steps/folder+email automation

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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if there's a clever way to automate something that I do within Outlook every day.

I use Outlook to track projects by folder.  The folder name for each project contains a date and a street address.  Each email for a project contains the address.  After I've concluded an email I've been manually dragging it to the project folder.

Is there a clever way to use Quick Steps to read the address from an email subject line and use it to move an email to the corresponding folder?  I can't use rules for this because it would involve creating dozens of rules every week.


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Hi @frostycan, you have to hire somebody to write an Outlook script/ add-in.

@Victor Ivanidze thanks for the reply.  I might just work the the Outlook API instead, but I'll look at a script/add-in instead.