Integration between Outlook Exchange Server and Microsoft 365

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Someone in our organisation has decided to keep Outlook in Exchange server instead of providing Outlook in Microsoft 365. One of the consequences is that we cannot provide calendars in Teams.  I am suspecting that there are many other consequences that makes it more complicated to collaborate in the cloud solution. Can someone give me more reasons why Outlook should be moved into the cloud?  Can we solve this problem with Exchange hybrid customer? I would prefer that we can utilize the toolkit for teamwork.

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Yes, there are several restrictions/missing Teams features if you are using on-premises Exchange, you can find the details here:


You will also be missing on other Groups-related features, even mailbox-level features that might only be available in the cloud, or simply not available for older Exchange versions. But moving to the cloud is rarely just a question of "features", I imagine your organization has some other factors in mind that require Exchange on-premises.