Insights Settings in OWA

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I don't know if it's been there for long but i just noticed "Insights Settings" option under Mail settings, problem is i cannot access it, it just keeps loading but nothing happens. I tried a quick search to learn about it, but nothing came up. Anybody knows what this is ? and why can't i access it?


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Havent seen this one before, so it should be fairly new. No idea what exactly it's for, but catchy name :)

Catchy name indeed. Weird though, that there's no information about it on the Web! 

Welcome to the cloud, where features appear (and disappear) without as much as a notice, let alone proper documentation :)

@Zakaria DERDER option is already gone ??!!

@Jan Aarts Considering the post is almost 18 months old and the screenshot is the old Options page... that was to be expected. :) You can access Insights settings - click the dots to the right of the reply/forward arrows in a message, choose insiders - click the Gear icon to see the options you control.