Inline image in message body not loading when forwarded

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Hi, I have the below scenario where the inline image link is broken when it refers an external image source. This works properly in the received mail but when I forwarded the received email with inline image from Outlook client then inline image link broken since source url is trimmed and result in invalid url.




1. Compose a html content where inline image refers an external source and send using any mail sender.  

2. Consider I used Outlook desktop client app and the email received will work properly.

3. If I forward the received email then the image broken since image source external url is trimmed automatically.


Sample Url format for Inline Image:

Here, query params "token" is a JWT token which is trimmed with particular character randomly in the forwarded mail and result in invalid token and url failed to load.


Original Email:

Forward Email:




I didn't face this problem when I use Outlook web (i.e. or Gmail (i.e.


Any suggestion & solutions to overcome this problem.



Ragunaathan M P


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I found the similar issue on OUTLOOK for Office 365. But it is not occurs in OUTLOOK 2016/2019.