Indicate that an email has been acted on?

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With an email that goes to multiple people, is there a way to indicate that the email has been acted upon? Here's the scenario:


We get status update emails throughout the day. For each status update email, a team member (can be any member on the email) updates our digital "board." This is how we track files as they move through our pipeline process. The problem is that there is no way to know if someone else on the email has already updated the board, without going to the digital board and checking it. This results in multiple people wasting their time going to update the digital board after someone else in the email has already updated.


Looking for a simple way to indicate that action has already been taken on an email that goes to multiple people. Tried a shared mailbox, but that didnt work. These are very active emails that get moved, forwarded, replied to, etc and the shared mailbox created more confusion than benefit. Ideally, it would be a simple flag, or categorization that a team member can use to indicate that the email has already been acted on. Thanks!

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Hi @Hopps1, using a rule,  place a copy of initially delivered e-mail to the special folder in a shared mailbox.  Instruct all team members do not delete or move this copy but assign a category or flag it.