Inconsistent Calendar scroll action in Outlook 365 (2108) on Windows 10 (21H1)

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When I two-finger scroll with my trackpad in the main window of the Calendar view in Outlook 365 (2108), the main section does not scroll, but these little gray boxes display numbers near the top or bottom of the window (depending which way I was trying to scroll). The only way to scroll the main section is to two-finger scroll from the area of the main window where all day events are displayed. The little gray boxes still change values, but the main section scrolls (see attached video clip).



I found this post from over a year ago with no resolution: Outlook 365 Calendar for Windows 10 trackpad scrolling not working - Microsoft Community


The user in the post above was directed to I've been directed to techcommunity lately for issues like this. 

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Same here.
Mouse or sidebar works fine but not the 2 finger scrolling

Ditto to this problem. 

Any solutionas found? @CharlesB2021 

If you place your pointer at the top of the calendar window, outside of the "time line for the day" you can use the two finger dragging to scroll. I haven't found a method for scrolling with two-finger dragging within the time line of the day though. Hope this helps a little. I'm still frustrated by the inconsistency. @OverEngineeredNetwork