Including Meeting Organizer as required attendee automatically moves the meeting invite to Deleted

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I have an issue on the Outlook desktop app when I set a meeting and assign myself (meeting organizer) as a Required attendee, it automatically moves the meeting invite to Deleted Items after being sent. I was expecting it to send a copy of the meeting invite in my Inbox folder as I included myself on the Required attendee field. 


Has it always been this way? I understand that accepting/declining meetings you receive automatically sends the invite to the Deleted Items folder after responding to it if you have the setting enabled on Options > Mail > Send Messages > Delete meeting requests and notifications from Inbox after responding. I am also aware that I can get the copy from the Sent Items folder or restore it from the Deleted Items folder.


If there's any way to have it send to my Inbox folder instead of going directly to the Deleted Items when sent, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




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