In outlook, to have additional folder created by admin and this folder will be available for all

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Hi Experts,


Managers in our companies are getting a lot of action required notifications from different applications and all these action required notifications mixed in their daily ordinary emails, also makes the notifications difficult to manage and to check.


I believe this notifications can be segregated in the outlook rule to move the email when it arrived to another folder.

but is there any way to make the change centralized? That admin can create the outlook folder once and the change will take effect to all employees?


Thank you in advance so much.






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There is no way to create a folder in other people's mailbox, unless you use the EWS or Graph APIs. And to do so, you will need the relevant permissions (impersonation, Full Access, etc). There are many examples available online, look them up.


Once the folders are created, you can use the New-InboxRule to create rules for each mailbox. I would advise against this though, as each user has its individual working habits, and forcing a "one size fits all" type of solution on them will probably create some issues. Instead, simply send them some information on how they can create the rule themselves, if they choose to do so.