In defence of modern attachments... suggestions?




I've ready MANY posts by people annoyed by the default attachment behaviour in Outlook 2016 (send as editable link rather than attach a copy). I know you can change attachments to copies quite simply, but at launch today it caused a fuss and I know find myself having to make a case tomorrow about why the behaviour is that way. The main argument coming from the most angry exec is that default editable links open up a security breach by allowing people access to change our internal files (and the default nature makes it more likely this will be by accident, rather than by design).


Personally, I can see why MS have made that the default, and I think it makes sense. But... does anyone have a link to a strong explanation in defence of the modern attachment as default behaviour? I could do with the backup.






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For me It is a very easy one it is to reduce mailboxe sizes and collaborate in the tools that are there to use. so Use mail only for text and Use SharePoint/Onedrive for shareing Files in 1 place and it is only 1 place of the truth. But i Understand if no adoption has taken place no announcements it is confusing and it is all about learning the new way of working.
That's a good point Paul. I think you are right, the thinking from MS must be that they are pushing people to use the collaboration tools. I like the 'one place of truth' idea, I may steal it!

You are right also about adequate training/announcements being needed. Typically, the exec who is angry with the change is the exec who couldn't find time to attend the adoption sessions before launch.

We've left the same feedback with the Outlook team, asking them to give us an option to set the default type of link (or even choose between sending a link or attaching the document). If or whether this will happen, I cannot tell, but you can harass your TAM if you are a Premier customer. Or leave feedback on Uservoice.

Hi Paul.

Unfortunately I have no good arguments in favor of the default behavior of Outlook 2016, for the simple reason that there are no good arguments to defend a wrong choice.

Sure, if you want indeed to send a "cloudy attachment", and you know exactly what you are doing, having such possibility is a great plus.

But, as @Vasil Michev says, the bare minimum would have been to give us an option to set the default type of the link.

In the meanwhile, I have been forced to revert all my customers to the previous behavior, when possible...

Thanks @Vasil Michev, thanks @Salvatore Biscari. I agree with you both regarding the fact that organisations cannot change the default behaviour of Outlook attachments. I can make a defence of modern attachments, I can even argue that they should be by default, but the fact that we don't have the choice is just wrong.


In case it is of interest the defence I came up with is attached. Classic attachment ;)