Importing Task List from Excel into Outlook

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I have a task list in Excel with Subject, Due Date, Categories.  

I am looking for VBA code to export my list in excel and import it into Oulook as Tasks.  


How can I do this?  Thank you.  

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I don't have a macro specifically for tasks, but have an example using calendar - it would be easy o change it for tasks.
Hi, I have a follow up so thought would ask since you are quite knowledgeable. Do you know if there is functionality in Outlook to assign a calendar entry to a specific "owner"? Let me give an example. I have many calendar entries assigned to many people and I would like each "owner" to receive a notification or have it appear on their calendar. maybe this is not possible. thank you
You would delegate permissions and create the event on their calendar for them to be the owner of it.

Are you creating the events as meeting invitations? If you invite the person, they will be notified and a copy goes on their calendar.
Hi Diane,
sorry for my tardy reply. To answer your query, I dont think I would want to show as a meeting invitation because they could be confused if a month down the road they see a meeting invitation but it is not a meeting invitation. Not sure if that is confusing.

oh sorry, I should have said Tasks - you need to create it on their task list or assign the task (if you are all using the same exchange server).
Hi Diane, are you saying that I can assign a task to someone maybe through delegating like I would for calendar entries?
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It's more like a meeting invite - you assign the task; they accept or decline it.