IMAP Xfinity folder has disappeared from Outlook for Mac Version 16.84

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Something very strange occurred yesterday.  I have several exchange accounts and one IMAP account that I access through Outlook for Mac.  All of the sudden my IMAP account (Xfinity personal e-mail account) folder and subfolders were gone from the left sidebar.  They still appear in webmail and I still am getting new IMAP e-mails in my overall inbox.  I tried restarting Outlook and what happens is the IMAP folder and subfolders appear while Outlook is doing its initial sync.  Then as soon as the sync is done, the IMAP folders literally just disappear from the sidebar.  If I go to Tools>Public Folders, they are all showing there and they are all subscribed.  I also tried to create a new profile and start over but that didn't work either.  I am using the Legacy version of Outlook because I don't like the interface for the NEW Outlook.

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