IMAP Inbox Will Not Populate

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So I am having a weird issue that tech support was not able to help with.  I have an IMAP email account for work on Outlook365 Desktop.  My mail Inbox will not fully populate all the emails in that folder.  All my subfolders work fine (subfolders of main inbox on that account).  I have that same email account on other desktops, my laptop, my phone, they fully populate.  On my main office desktop, it will only populate about a week of entries.  I have that email set up with Windows fine.  I just like Outlook.


I have tried removing and reconnecting the account.  I have gone so far as to uninstall Office365, delete my User files, and reinstall.  Same problem.  


Another weird thing Outlook did until a little more recently that may be related is that it was hanging up occasionally when sending and receiving mail.  I would need to stop Outlook with the Task Manager and restart the program, then it would work fine.  I really haven't had that problem since it stopped fully populating the inbox folder.  


I haven't seen any similar write ups or responses.  Thoughts!?!?  I like Outlook.  This is frustrating.  

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Oh C'mon! Where are all the awesome, stud Outlook guys!
Outlook is (and was) bad IMAP email client. Dixi.