Images not showing in outlook web app / PWA since this week

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As of this week, images have suddenly stopped rendering inside Outlook PWA / web app. They all look like this in-line:



I have also noticed that attachments are not opening/downloading. I assume the issue is related.


I've not changed any settings and the only setting I can even see that would be related to this is about sender images which are enabled.


Is there a known bug / issue? What's the workaround / ETA for fix?

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This do to a service incident EX764050,@adamcunnington 

Title: Users may be intermittently unable to download attachments or view embedded images in Outlook on the web User impact: Users may be intermittently unable to download attachments or view embedded images in Outlook on the web. More info: Users may see the following error message when an attachment fails to download: “Error downloading the file content.” We’re validating whether this problem also intermittently impacts Outlook mobile. As a potential workaround, downloading attachments and embedded image viewing may succeed after an affected user signs-out and then signs-in again to Outlook on the web, if appropriate. Additionally, users can download attachments and view embedded images consistently through the Outlook desktop client, if available. Current status: We've completed the development of the fix and have begun our internal validation process. We expect this will complete by our next scheduled update on Monday, April 8, 2024 at 5:00 PM EDT . At this time we'll begin deploying the fix to the affected environment to remediate impact. Scope of impact: Users attempting to download attachments and viewing embedded images in Outlook on the web may be intermittently impacted. Start time: Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 8:00 PM EDT Root cause: A recent update, intended to improve the reliability of Outlook on the web, contains a code configuration issue that's causing long running sessions, preventing attachment downloads and embedded image viewing. Next update by: Monday, April 8, 2024 at 5:00 PM EDT

Hi @carverberry,


do you have any update on this issue? The problem still persists. I am also addressing the issue with the Exchange support team, but they still say that the problem is on my side.





This issue has started to proliferate throughout our company with about 30 staff all having the same issue.

A clear cache will temporalily resolve the issue.  But the staff are also then having to sign in to OWA every time the open the web browser.  The user credentials are in there, but they still have to choose user name etc instead of goign directly into M365 apps.


It is scheduled to be resolved  on Thursday 4/11/24 by the end of day@marekmavebcz 

hello :) Any update on this issue? My team is still going through this issue
A fix was deployed but seems to be taking longer than we expected to resolve the issue. You can get updates from your service health dashboard here: