ICS Meeting invite is added to Outlook App on Mac, but no acceptance options given to User

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Hi Tech Folks,

Mac Users receive .ics calendar invites via email from other users using Outlook.

When they right-click and open the .ics file via Outlook App, it opens and can be added to their calendar without a problem.

But there are not given an option to Accept/Reject the invite and sender does not get a confirmation. So no notification goes to meeting Host/Organizer/Sender.

How can this be fixed? How User can send the response and Organizer get notified?



P.s: .ics file is working fine in Outlook Desktop app in Windows

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@Ali Fadavinia Hey Ali,

I have been stressing over the same behavior for the last couple of days. Here's what I found:

OWA/ Outlook:
Option to RSVP for the recipient but no response goes back to the sender.
The event gets added in the Calendar
Outlook for Mac:
No option to RSVP, no response goes back to the sender.
The event gets added in the Calendar

From the testing I did, this is the default behavior at this point, with .ics files. Hopefully, this functionality becomes available soon.


Hi Nikhita,

That is unfortunate which it is the default for now.

Agree, look forward to see this functionality soon...