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my icloud for windows outlook has stoped giving me the option to sync contcts and calanders please help

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Open the iCloud app from the Start Menu and re-signin with Apple ID.


A similar issue with complete steps and screenshots to recover can be found here;
Contacts and Calendar from iCloud missing or not synching after upgrading to Windows 10 or Outlook 2...

@Robert Sparnaaij tried that no option for contactss or calendars with outlook


Which version of iCloud are you using? It is shown in the top right within the iCloud app.

Also, which Outlook version are you using?

File-> Office Account-> next to the button About Outlook

Note that it is not compatible with the New Outlook for Desktop.

@Robert Sparnaaij  icloud 14.2

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2306 Build 16.0.16529.20164) 64-bit