I still don't understand why emails I've labeled as known/safe, get sent to my Junk folder

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This is the longest, ongoing issue I have with Outlook. Marking an email from some source that I trust, as safe and something I want to see in my Inbox. I signed up to get emails subscription from CNET. They send me 2 emails, one from an account named "CNET Daily News", the other from "CNET Weekly News". Both are coming from the same email address: I've marked them as safe senders. I've saved the email address as a contact.


So please, Microsoft Outlook team, explain to me why your software ALWAYS puts any email from them into my Junk folder????????????????????????????????????????

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@Rod Falanga Happens to me too, tbh. When you marked these emails, did you do it on Outlook Web and report them to Microsoft? I think if you did it on Outlook Windows, there is no feedback loop to Microsoft.

@Andre Siregar I have marked them as safe in the web version (, rather than the Windows version of Outlook. I haven't reported in the web version of Outlook, to Microsoft. Didn't even know you could.

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@Rod Falanga When you mark an email as junk in Outlook Web, you will see a pop-up to optionally report the email to Microsoft. The report is supposed to improve the accuracy of the junk mail filter.

@Andre Siregar still happening to me a year later: using the Outlook Windows, all emails from CNET go to Junk. I have created various rules to prevent this, but they do not make a difference.

I have been having the exact same problem. There is definitely something wrong with Microsoft's junk email algorithms! No matter what I do in either the Outlook PC app or, Cnet emails are sent to junk. This wasn't always the case for me, but has been a problem for several months now. I contacted Help from within the Outlook app and they have not been able to fix this either.
still happening,.. nearly a year after my last post. Wish MS would fix this