I have an issue with the new Play My Email on Android

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I've been waiting anxiously for the Play My Email to come to Android, since it was released for iOS back in November 2019. Finally, last month it came out! WooHoo!!


I immediately set it up as soon as possible. I have three email accounts on my Android phone. One if for my work email. (I work in one of the largest state agencies in my state. Our email is handled through another state agency that handles email for all other state departments. They use Microsoft Exchange 2013 on-prem.) 


The other two emails in Outlook on my phone are accounts. (They're not aliases of the same account - they're separate Microsoft accounts.) One of these two accounts is one that I use, in conjunction with wherever I work. With this email I receive email from various technical supports, all in support of the work I do at my job.


For the last few days I've brought up Outlook on my phone, tapped on my work email address (not either of the email addresses). There I'd see the emails from people at work, automated messages from various sources, etc. Then I'd tap on the Play My Email button and start listening. At first I was a bit confused, because I'd hear emails that are related to my profession, but not my job. But I thought maybe I'd subscribed to those newsletters at work as well. But today I really looked into it. I found that Play My Email isn't reading the emails from my work account! It's reading emails from one of the other accounts!


So, what gives? Why is it doing this? I'd write this all in a feedback to Outlook on Android, only I've no idea where that is or even if it exists. So, I'm writing it here. I need this fixed, please. I need to hear my work email when I'm in it and tap Play My Email.



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Contact support via the in-app experience (help/question mark button, contact support)