I have a problem after creating rules in outlook

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After creating rule before a week ago for some employee to receive his mails alone not in the inbox like the other mails I noticed that rule was empty all the mails gone, And I could not find it in the inbox except if I search by the name all the messages came.

 So I need help in that because the mail was for the CEO of the company and the important mails was like its gone.

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I do not know what rule you created? But most often the rule creates a flow to another folder ! This is most often where the new folder on the left and may not be visible during normal mail browsing.
Maybe it will be a tip for you - write!
Thank you Good luck.
The rule is create new folder and make the old mails and the new mails will come from specific employee will be in the folder i created to make it easy to find it.
Like the photo in the attach.
Some folders disappear and some folders was empty from mails
Well that you added more information for sure someone will help!
I think your problem stems from security that cause blocking,
but I do not know.





I'm very curious if you fixed your problem after creating new rules in Outlook?

Of course you can run the diagnostic tool then you will receive a report by email!

Please reply - for everyone it can be helpful!

Creating rules is quite simple, but when you delete a rule, the messages still remain in the created folders and it really is annoying!