I have a iPhone X and I have lost the ability to open my email Outlook

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I have an iPhone XR and I did have Microsoft office 365 Outlook on it as an app. I founf that it was not working at all; i could not receieve or send emails.

As a result I removed the Outlook App from my phone and have since opened it up again thru the Apple App page and it appears as usual. The only problem is again I'm not recieving email and cannot send emails out.

I asked Google for a solution it it basically asked me to start from scratch but when I did I was rejected with a message that there was an account already open under my sign in and I couldn't gain access. So the question is how do I get back my access?

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@Greg_Stevenson I don’t think it’s just you, all of my connected Outlook accounts started getting an authentication error today when I refreshed my email to check it