I deleted a shared mailbox and now Outlook hangs at loading profile

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I have been running office for my business for years now.  Recently I backed up two shared mailboxes to PST files on my desktop and then deleted the shared mailboxes in the online office admin portal.  Now Outlook will not load and hangs at 'loading profile'.


I have tried almost everything I can find with no success.  I have tried

Deleting, restarting, and reinstalling the office suite.

Loading outlook in safe mode 

Loading outlook in safe mode with networking


I can't get in to delete my user account because outlook will not load.  I have also tried to pause indexing on any files on my computer.  


I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon with Windows 10 and the most recent version of office apps.  Can't think of how to get around this and would like to get Outlook to work again.  Thanks in advance for any help!



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Hi, can you try removing the email profile from Control Panel > Mail

@PeterRising yes I have tried that too.  The account I am having trouble with is a work account and so it only shows the 'manage' option.  When I click on that it takes me to the web browser for online account management.  I already tried to sign out of all devices here but it still didn't help.  Capture.PNG



Are you able to try logging in with a fresh Windows user profile, and see if you can successfully load Outlook this way?

@PeterRising I was able to fix the issue but just did a full reformat of the OS.  Thanks!



Well that'll do it for sure.  Glad you got it sorted. :smile: