I cannot see my mails/meetings in outlook.com while in windows and android app everything works fine

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Hi. I bought an HP Chromebook for my school work. I use outlook calendar for all of my meetings and other stuff. But there is no outlook app for Chromebook, so I'm forced to use Outlook in the browser. The problem is that I don't see any of my meetings on the website while in the app, everything works fine. In the app, I'm logged in with my main @gmail.com e-mail, and on the website, it says that I'm logged onto outlook_[lots of letters]@outlook.com. When I press antek.#####@gmail.com page just refreshes and I'm still logged in to this @outlook.com account. 



this is outlook.com, as I said earlier, when I press @gmail.com account, page is refreshing, but nothing changes



this is outlook on my android phone, works perfectlyAntek_g_animations_0-1651578736791.png

outlook in the web again (just to show that I don't see any meetings in march)



and this is my outlook calendar in march on android


my outlook on windows


account settings on windows




My English is not perfect, so feel free to ask for any additional data.

Thanks for any help with my problem!!

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