I can't restore old emails in the Deletions folder (Restore deleted email)?

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Please try this yourself,
(Why the heck doesn't this work in https://outlook.live.com)

1) Access your mail account via https://outlook.live.com and via your desktop computer and via an internet browser.
2) Then go into the "Deleted Items" emails.
3) Then select (Recover items deleted from this folder)
4) Now you enter deleted emails (Deletions folder)
5) In here, if you scroll down and select a specific email, you can then click in the box on the left on the email and select (Restore) on the top.
And voliá your email is now back.
6) But when you instead go up in the "Search bar" and search for a deleted email in this (Deletions folder).
Let's say a email from a way back that you want to restore.
And then you also find this email after searching for it and then you go on to also click the box for this specific email.
7) Then suddenly the "Restore" option just for no reason at all disappears?
And the only thing you can now choose is to "Delete" the email.

So this is my big problem,

I don't want to have to sit in the (Deletions folder) and have to scroll down for 2-3 years?....
To be able to then find the right email to click the box and then select "Restore".

I have to be able to search in the (Deletions folder) and then be able to restore this specific email?

Because when I find the correct email I'm after in the Deletions folder, I can't access nor read the email.

So it most first be restored, but as it is a the moment it just dosen't work?

Completely illogical,

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