I Can't Respond To Emails

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I'm new to the Tech Community. I have a question and need serious responses. I can't respond to any of my emails. How do I fix?

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Hi @JoyJK43 

Your message couldn't be delivered because the recipient's email server (outside Office 365) suspect...

Please check this discussion.

Of course, your username is not your name either!

@Andrezj1 I wish it was that simple, but it's not that because I can't respond to any of the emails


Take the test, change your Microsoft account details to your real name, and see if you can respond to emails?

I believe that you are not recognized as a valid user, because you can send, receive, but only your replies come back, is that the case?

The most common reason for email not working is that the email server you are using is either completely down or experiencing some serious problems. Your server will be hosted locally by your network / server staff or will be hosted off site by a third party company.
Rachel Gomez