I believe I've identified a bug in the Hotmail

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I believe I've identified a bug in the Hotmail password reset process. When I forgot the password for my long-standing Hotmail account and initiated the password reset procedure, I was prompted to provide my Skype ID and an alternative email address to receive the reset code. I received the code and successfully reset my password. However, when I attempted to sign in, I encountered an error indicating that my email was blocked due to incorrect password entry. What's puzzling is that I can still reset my password, which I did, but the same error message persists when I attempt to sign in.     Capture.PNG

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It could be that the account is locked for additional reasons and a support agent needs to take a closer look at it.


How to do that and additional help is published here;

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There is also some information posted here with a Sign In Helper tool, but that might not help in your case (could be worth a shot anyway);
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