how to update the sender name in the new Outlook?

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I don't see it under the account settings.   I was able to do this in the old Mail app.



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If you want to modify the sender name, you must make changes in the People (Contacts) section. You can add or edit the contact and change the first and last name or add another name according to your preference.




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@Teresa_Cyrus What I mean is, if my email address is email address removed for privacy reasons, when I send an email to someone, they see email address removed for privacy reasons as the sender.  I want them to see 'John M Doe'.


I the old Windows 10 Mail program, you could go into the account set up and modify the sender name to change what the recipient would see.



Your username is synced with your Microsoft account, so if you manage to edit your Microsoft account - then after 24 hours your Outlook sender name will change (but this will change all Microsoft services) So don't do it hastily :)

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@Bjh4850  The sender name for IMAP accounts is not editable.


For and Microsoft 365 Work or School accounts, it picks the name up from the server. 


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I apologize for the delayed response. You have received a couple of options from other users. Did you get your question answered?





@Teresa_Cyrus yes, thanks

 I believe @Diane Poremsky answered it for me. 



I hope this feature (setting sender name on IMAP accounts) is added soon.  I am using my iCloud account on the New Outlook, and otherwise it works very well.



I don't see it on the roadmap yet. Stay tuned.