How to transfer all emails from one address to another

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Hi Community


I currently have two email address and I'm trying to transfer all emails from one to another, in order to then delete the second redundant address. For explanation purposes, I use Outlook 2019 and here's what I have:

  • Email-1 (Exchange Online Plan 2 License) - Size 49GB
  • Email-2 (Exchange Online Plan 1 License) - Size 27GB


All emails from Email-2 are in a subfolder. I tried to drag and drop this subfolder to Email-1, the transfering starts but then I get stuck because Outlook tells me I don't have enough space. I looked it up and it's due to the .pst file being limited to 50GB.

I don't know how else I can transfer emails otherwise.


Is there an easy way I can migrate all emails from Email-2 to Email-1?


Thanks in advance for any feedback!



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