How to sell/convert customers to use Outlook

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My organization (tens of thousands of customers) is trying to get all of the non/never-Outlook users over to Outlook so we can lower our support costs via standardization and get a better return/result from our investment in higher-end 365 licenses, especially security.


Due to the politics of the place we can't just tell everyone it's Outlook across-the-board or the highway/GTFO.


For those that have had to deal with this already, what methods, resources, etc. did you use to increase conversion rates?


We have several users using Thunderbird on Windows, macOS & Linux, Mac Mail and the native mail and calendar apps on iOS/iPadOS and Android.


I've searched for materials from MSFT on the advantages of using Outlook vs. all the others (a feature matrix that highlights Outlook's advantages would be great) but can't seem to find any. Does anyone know if such things exist, and if yes, where they are located?


We are OK with putting a certain level of fear in the mind of the non-Outlook holdouts but we don't want to overdo it to avoid blowback.



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@chchch Hello, the Forrester report should be a good place to start with maybe.

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