How to restore Outlook 365 Default Settings AFTER Exchange account removal

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Dear community,


I am new here, so I hope I do not bring up a topic that is well know.


Problem desc:

I use M365 on my private PC and added a university M365 Exchange account to it. After removal it still works but there are pieces of the university account here and there. The most obvious is on the top right window bar. Usually, I see my name and the profile picture associated with the Office account. After the exchange server account removal it seems that it does no longer recognize my office account. Even though the license and the account is still visible under options. 


By clicking on the account symbol on the top right and then on "View Account" it forwards me to the microsoft website which is used for non-private accounts. So I can only log-in using my university account. 


I tried to remove my outlook profile and registry entries, but I assume the cloud settings synchronization always brings back some settings that I do not know where to delete them.


Is there a way on how to completely restore Outlook 365 to it's default settings? I don't mind setting it up from scratch. 

What I would like to avoid is a complete deinstallation of M365 as I don't know what happens with OneDrive and the stored files. 


many thanks for your help 



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The problem is now a bit more clear to me:
It looks like that Outlook has someone associated the university account with the office license. Under "File" is shows "Office Account" instead of "Account", which basically means that even though I have my personal license activated, it is still somehow connected with the university account.

Any idea on how to completely remove those settings and license associations? I have signed out already. Also trieg to use this link, but does also not really show the university license:

there must be a way on how to fully reset outlook to factory defaults. thanks for help again