How to remove the "apps" Microsoft installed

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I recently asked Microsoft why I couldn't get back to the inbox after reading an email. Microsoft's "solution" was to inform me that they had installed some apps on my system. No information as to just WHAT these apps are and how to REMOVE them. I sent another email asking what they are and how to remove them but have been IGNORED. Does Microsoft now have 24/7 access to my system? How do I remove apps if I don't even know what they are?

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" why I couldn't get back to the inbox after reading an email."

I don't understand your problem?

It's been solved, but here is the scenario. I clicked on an email, read it, and tried to get back into the inbox by clicking on inbox. Didn't work. Now I know to click on the X Close link at the top of the email itself, not in the tool bar
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I wondered why such nonsense - gives Microsoft support causing unnecessary confusion.

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However, if you click the CLOSE, you're not allowed to simply delete the email.  So it adds another step for us. It's too bad Microsoft Tech doesn't actually use the product, or they'd aim to make things more efficient, not less.