How to properly configure exceptions to delivery delays

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My work is using Office 365 and we use Outlook for Windows on our work computers. As far as I have been able to figure out, there is no capability to set up a delivery delay rule such that it only applies when sending emails to recipients outside of your organization. So, instead I have set up a general 1-minute delay rule for all outgoing emails.


Often times when responding to internal emails I don't want or need the 1-minute delay and want to bypass it. The most elegant solution I've found is to modify the delivery delay rule with an exception to a specific category (for example, no delays for emails with Category "Green"). To achieve this when sending an email, you have to click the "Message Options" button in the bottom right corner of the Tags group on the ribbon then assign the category to this unsent email in the bottom of that dialogue box. And for extra annoyance, you cannot customize the "Tags" group in the ribbon for new messages to have the Category button, so you always have to go into the Message Options dialogue box.


But now you need to do this with every internal email you don't want a delay on and now all emails in that chain have the category "Green" which is not great when you use categories extensively.


Is there any solution to this? All I want to do is have a simple way of choosing to bypass a general 1-minute delay rule. Or if there is a way to set up the delay so that it only applies when sending emails outside of my organization, that would be even better. 


PS: it might be possible to make a delay rule with an exception so that the rule doesn't apply when someone from your organization is in the "to" field of an email, but that doesn't solve the issue because often times someone from my organization will be in the "to" field along with other recipients who are not in my organization.

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