how to open .msg files on a mac?

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As a designer I use multiple platforms, apple/mac being one of them, and at times emails get exported as a .msg file- is there a way to open these files on a mac? I have tried many methods to no avail- outlook opens them in a new email as an attachment, rather than as a readable email.


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Apologies for the brazen tagging, but its been months I've been trying to 'Dr. Google' this problem. 



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@R_Joy91  You need to use a msg viewer app (not aware of any for mac) or convert the messages to eml files. This one will convert messages online - its good for the occasional conversion  Free MSG EML Viewer | Free Online Email Viewer (  Or purchase an app that can convert - there is at least one that works on mac. 

Thank you so much, this will do in a pinch.

I hope they create an update where the emails can be read with attachments showing directly with the program... it seems strange they would omit this feature for mac.

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