How to get rid of Calender Events in Outlook Preview

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   I use MS Outlook through a 365 Subscription in Windows 10. Anytime I get an email with a date in it, (like an Amazon Package), Outlook places this LARGE banner in the Reading Pane asking me if I want to add this to my calender. See the screenshot highlighted in the yellow box.  

    This banner BLOCKS the message and I have to click the arrow to get rid of it. I would like to STOP Outlook from even creating this banner so I can see my messages. I find nothing in setting to get rid of suggested calander events. 

    Does anyone know how to STOP this banner? 

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You can control this setting via Outlook on the Web;

Settings-> Calendar-> Events from email-> Package deliveries-> Don’t show event summaries in email or on my calendar-> Save


Considering you are using the service, this direct link should take you there as well;


You're welcome! :)