How to enhance the mail communication in outlook to maximum users ?

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Hi All,
In my office outlook,we need to send communication for mass no of users across organisation .Curently at one go ,i can send communication to maximum 500users at a time keeping them all in can i increase that limit!beacuse every time i need to communicate to 10k users ,so i have to send them in 20 different communication..Please help in this regards!
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Seem there is TWO issues you encountered:


  1. Outlook restricts user to send more than 10K Email in a 24-hour period
  2. User mailbox restricts the number of Email address put in "To", "cc" and "Bcc" field to 500

For [1], may required a 3rd party such as SendGrid

For [2], please consider DL (Distribution List)


Create a (maybe dynamic) distribution list and send to it.