How to delete search history/suggested contacts on the app?

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Hi there!

I've been trying for months to delete the search history and in particular, the suggested contacts that are showing in the mobile app. At some points, the old suggested contacts disappeared and I only had the new ones but it's back again on the old ones. I've tried all the things to delete the search history on desktop, thinking it would work on the mobile app but I got no results. Is there anything I can do about it?


Thank you in advance! :)

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At the top of the page, select Settings Settings > View all Outlook settings.

Select General > Privacy and data.

Do one of the following:

To delete your search history, select Delete history.

To export your search history to a .csv file, select Export.
Hi there and thank you for your reply! I've already tried that and it's not working! It's not letting me save after that and nothing changes...