How to copy emails from a group to my personal inbox

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Hi all, 


I would like to know how I can automatically copy certain emails (from a specific sender, with certain words in the subject, etc.) from the company's group email, to my private inbox. Obviously I have tried performing this task using rules, however they can only move and not copy the emails from the group mailbox.


Here's a picture below to demonstrate this better:




Thanks for your help in advance.


P.S. If it helps the version is:  Version 2204 Build 16.0.15128.20158) 64-bit



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I'm not sure it's possible. Why don't you "subscribe" to the Group, so that all messages hit your Inbox directly, then configure a rule to get rid of the ones that don't match certain criteria?
Since we are talking about massive volumes of emails I was hoping to avoid that, but I suspect I might have to end up doing it.

@Vasil Michev Would I be able to accomplish this using VBA programming?

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I don't believe VBA supports Group access.
@Vasil Michev I can confirm that it doesn't have been looking on this extensively and the Groups cannot be accessed programmatically.

Hi @KostasGR,

I believe you can do what you want using Power Automate. Start with the trigger "When a new email arrives to a group". 

Pertaining to one of your actions you mentioned, whereby you want to copy the emails from the Group into a folder under your inbox, the only workaround I'm aware of is to multi-select emails and forwarding them to yourself. Thanks.