How to become "Supported senders" for "events from email" in Outlook

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I am a developer in Hong Kong ferry company. I would like to send out emails which users can use the "events from email" feature in Outlook. 


However, I search for a couple of days and I only find these two official articles:


Automatically add events from your email to your calendar


Supported senders for events from email in Outlook


Could anyone tells how can I register for the supported senders list? Thank you so much.

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That's an interesting question, let me ping some folks and get back to you.

Hello Vasil,


I'm a developer for a travel aggregator software company and I have the same request.

Where shall we start to apply for the supported senders for automatically added calendar event in Outlook?




Sadly I got no replies on this :\

@Mark Ho Have you find a way to be added to the Supported Sender List. I have a booking solution used in ver 1000 business and my customers are asking that Outlook automatically adds their calendar event ICS.




@Daniel514 I gave up on this issue. I guessed there is no public way to register your mail domain to the list, you have to contact microsoft on your own.

I have the same question. I have searched and searched for an answer on this. Any updates?