How to automate email signature export from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016?

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Our company is on Office365 already. Current Outlook client that we are using is Outlook 2010. Soon, all employees will be getting a new laptop with Windows 10 and Office 2016. 



1. Are personal email signatures also avaialble in Cloud (Office365) envioronment or are they stored locally in Outlook.


2. Is there a way (or script) that can automate the employees Signatures export from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016 when they set-up Outlook 2016 on their new devices.  This process will be easier for migration to Outlook 2016 as it will be done automaticall for every user and also they do not need to worry about loosing (or manual export) their signatures.


Any input will be highly appreciated!



Sudhir Singh 

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1) They are still stored on the client (Outlook, OWA, mobile apps), despite being one of the most requested features for years now.


2) Signatures are stored in %appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures, you can migrate the folder content. If they are upgrading Outlook on the same machine, the signatures should be preserved.

Thank you Vasil!


Since our employees will be getting their Outlook 2016 installed on their new laptop, only possible way that can work is somehow run one time script of Signature movement from   %appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures to Onedrive folder (e.g.) as that will be in cloud. 


Vasi (or anyone else) please let me know if this might workout, as it will be a great help especially for people who have multiple Signatures. 


Any help with the file movement script?



This is roaming data, so in a domain environment (assuming they are using the same account on both machines) it should be moved. Or you can copy the content of this file on a centralized file share, the "home drive" approach.