How to autodelete Sent Items after a while

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Unless I did something wrong, my sent item should delete withing 2 months (see picture, "Elements envoyes" is french for "Sent Items"



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Hi @cherrysa2015


Here is a link to an article that supports @diane_poremsky reply on Sept 19th with making adjustments to the registry key. Unfortunately, it is a common issue with AutoArchive and this is suggested solution. And, I agree, messing with the registry may be intimidating for non-IT users.


This article contains step by step instructions with images. I recommend that you work with your IT team to assist you with these changes.



Alternatively you can create a Power Automate flow to do that.



So I set this


(picture named 1)


and for my sent folder


(picture named 2)


all my other folder are like this:


(picture named 3)


So if I autoarchive, all the other folders (except the sent one) will remain untouhed?