How to add iCloud alias account to Outlook on Android?

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I've been using iCloud aliases for years but recently switched from iOS back to Android.


I use the Outlook app and have connected my iCloud account just fine but don't know how to add my iCloud aliases. If I go to Settings > iCloud account > Advanced Settings there's no option to add my aliases like there is for Outlook on iOS. There's only a note saying the following:


To send messages from an alias, please make sure you have linked the associated email account in the iCloud settings.


I don't understand this because I've already setup my aliases in iCloud and have been using them for ages. In fact, I can setup my iCloud aliases just fine in K9 Mail and Fair Mail but can't figure it out for Outlook on Android.


Has anyone been able to accomplish this? Any ideas?

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@ron_jeremy did you ever find out how to do this? I've got the same issue / question and have been trying to figure it out for hours. I can use aliases on my Office 365 account but don't have the option to add an alias on my iCloud account.