How to Add / Download Outlook 2013

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I purchased Office Pro 2013 a number of years ago and did not install Outlook, since we were using gmail-based email at the time with the company for whom I am a contract employee. Now we switched to everything Microsoft, and we have been given access to Office 365. I don't really want to overwrite all of my 2013 apps on my computer with the 2016 version which I won't really own, but will only have access to as long as I contract with the company providing it, but I would like to use just Outlook 2016 as a downloaded app. The company provides an all or nothing download of the 2016 Office apps, and I just want Outlook. I tried to download just Outlook 2016 but it would not install on my computer. I thought maybe if I added the 2013 version I could update it to 2016 (to which I have permission). Any ideas how I can accomplish this so I can use Outlook 2016 but not overwrite all of my currently installed 2013 apps? I need this just for mail merge, since (unlike gmail), I cannot do mail merge using the online version of Outlook.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @DebLQ,


I'll try to make this as simple as possible.


1) Download and install ODT

2) Edit configuration-Office365-x86.xml file (let's say you want the 32bits)

<Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Broad">
<Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">
<Language ID="en-us" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Excel" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Lync" />
<ExcludeApp ID="OneDrive" />
<ExcludeApp ID="OneNote" />
<ExcludeApp ID="PowerPoint" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Teams" />
<ExcludeApp ID="Word" />


3) Open CMD go to the directory where the ODT files are

4) run the following cmd: setup.exe /configure configuration-Office365-x86.xml


Hope this helps.