How to access the archived emails faster?

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I am an end user of Outlook and wanted to know few things:


1. How to archive the emails from specific folders to online archive folders?

2. How to access the archived emails faster from online archive via Outlook client application?


Notes: I am already managing the archival of emails via the rules however it allows me to move from inbox mainly (and then i can apply to sub folders) however I want to apply only on specific folders). 


Note 2: I am aware that web outlook is the faster way to access the emails in Online archive folder. However I want to do the same in Outlook client software however faster similar to PST search earlier.


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Anil Kamsala


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On #1 talk to your admins to configure retention tags, which you can assign to items/folders in order to move messages to the archive. For #2, by design the Online archive is only accessible on the server, so it will always be a tad slower compared to the "cached" version of the main mailbox. Still, browsing/searching against items in the archive shouldn't take more than few seconds on a good connection.