How to access my Outlook Classic Templates in New Outlook?


If you want to save time and hassle when composing emails, you can use templates. Templates allow you to access professional and consistent messages that impress your recipients. You can open and reuse the templates that you created in Classic Outlook.


Usable templates are pre-written email messages you can customize and send with just a few clicks. You may create a variety of templates for different purposes, such as:

- Thanking a customer for their feedback

- Responding to a support ticket

- Requesting a review or a testimonial

- Announcing a promotion or a new product


And many more! Usable templates help you communicate effectively and efficiently without compromising on quality, style, or your precious time.


In under two minutes, this video will show you how to save an email to your local drive and open your Outlook Classic templates in New Outlook.


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