How does importing a Calendar from an .ics feed REALLY work??

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I have the .ics feed URL from a calendar in another system (Blackboard Learn LMS) that has been added to my Calendar in Outlook on the Web via the  "Import Calendar" > "From web" function. My goal is to create an item in Todo (the "new" Tasks thing) for each even on that calendar feed. 


I've created a Flow that does this, but the problem is that duplicate Todo items are being created for each event. To figure out why, I created a SharePoint list and added a step in the Flow to log the Todo item creation there, including the "ID" of the event from the calendar. What I found is that every 4 hours (the default "provider limit" for the .ics feed), the events on the calendar seem to get replaced with duplicates (same data, different event ID), which explains why new Todo items get created. It's seeing them as "new" events on the calendar because, well..they ARE new events that just happen to be identical to the old ones.


In any event, is this how it's supposed to work when you import a calendar from an .ics feed URL? If so, it seems kind of, well, dumb. Or, could this be that the "provider" (Blackboard Learn LMS) is responding with all events each time it syncs/refreshes rather than just "new" events? As a test of this theory, I'm going to import another web calendar (from Google) and see if I get the same result.


But, if anyone has experience in this area or can point me to some documentation on how this feature/function is supposed to work, that would be fantastic.

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