How do you stop Outlook from hiding Quick Action items?

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Outlook recently updated and one change is that when an item (such as an email message) is open in its own window, sometimes Outlook hides the controls that are on the top-left of the window title bar.


That is while before it would display Save, Undo (greyed out), Redo (greyed out), Previous Item (an up arrow), Next Item (a down arrow), and a Customize widget, now all you see is a widget for More Controls.


I want to know how to stop this, so it always shows the controls. Or at least, always shows the controls that are not greyed out. Or, at the very least, always shows the up/down arrows.


Reason is I'm trying to navigate through 100 messages using the up arrow. I want the message open it its own window when I do this. Before I could just keep clicking the up arrow. But with the new behavior, it keeps hiding the controls and I have to tell it to show them so I can use them.


I've looked in the settings and am not seeing how to change this. Nor did I see any mention of this change in the release notes. It is like Microsoft didn't think that hiding the window controls would have any impact on workflow.

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