How do you do a Company Where abouts Calendar?

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There are 80+ Employees, most are home working apart from 9 and in the near future we will be more flexible with our employees, not requiring them to attend the office to work. 

We are looking for a calendar option that we clearly see who is where and if the are on holiday or working.  Obviously we do not want this to be one persons complete job administer this calendar, we also want some level of security. 

How do you or company manage visibility or your staffs location.

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We have around 90 employees and we don't maintain any kind of central calendar as that is just too much work to maintain.

We rely on the employees to properly fill in their own calendars, so if I need to know where Employee A is, I just look at their calendar. Typically people in their own workgroups do this (see where each other is), as I personally don't have a need to know where everyone say in Legal or Accounting is. I'll see that if I try to email them or setup a calendar or try to call via Teams.

There is a new status indicator in Calendars called Working Elsewhere. This can indicate to others that they are working from home as apposed to the office.