How do I check the delivery reports for external mails from outlook?

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I wish to check the delivered time of an email sent from a different company.  


I note that emails exchanged internally are of no problem when providing the delivery report. If possible, would there be a way for me to check the "delivery report" of mails sent from outside our company? 


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Nope, no way to get this data unless you have admin access to the recipient's environment. You can request a Read receipt, which is of course not the same thing as the actual delivery time.
Dear Vasil,
Thank you for your reply.
In this situation, I am the recipient. I wish to check the actual delivered time of a mail sent from an external company ("Company A"). However, my Outlook's delivery report service seems to only work properly for mails exchanged internally through our company using Outlook.

Would there be a way for me to check the delivered time of the mail sent from "Company A" from my Outlook?